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Welcome to Sunday, Day 1 of IEEE Quantum Week 2022!

The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE22) kicks off today with more than 250 hours of programming!

To maximize your Quantum Week experience, check out the sessions for each day and add them to your personal My Schedule for easy access to both virtual and in-person participation.

Visit the Conference Schedule for all details on the informational tutorials and workshops that are featured today.

Also, be sure to update your Profile and preferences to facilitate networking with colleagues in-person and virtually. Your Quantum Week 2022 experience begins now!

We’d like to extend our thanks to our attendees and exhibitors who have been engaging with us on social media. Please continue sharing and using the #QCE22. We love reading your posts!

Featured Sessions – Live Desk Schedule

  • QSEEC Keynote (8:00am) - Building Capacity for Regional Quantum Exosystems: Local Case Studies with Qubit by Qubit
  • Workshop: QSEEC: K-12, Quantum Information Labs for High-school Students (8:45am)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Tutorial 1 - Teaching Quantum Computing in a Block World (8:45am)
  • Workshop: Careers in Quantum Computing: how to get started with quantum computing (10:00am)
  • Tutorial: LibKet: A Cross-Platform Library for Running Quantum Algorithms on NISQ Processors. Virtual access only. (10:00am)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Intro Undergrad - The Quantum Enigmas - Intro to quantum computing series (10:15am)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Tutorial 2 - Sparking Curiosity in Quantum Science (10:30am)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Adv Undergrad, Grad, Professional - The Virtual Quantum Optics Laboratory (1:00pm)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Tutorial 3 - Insider's Guide to Organizing and Advocating for K-12 Quantum Science (1:00pm)
  • Workshop: Careers in Quantum Computing: how to get started with quantum computing (1:00pm)
  • Tutorial: Introduction to Quantum Programming with Ket (virtual only) (2:00pm)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Community, Games, Outreach - Quantum games and interactive tools (2:45pm)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Tutorial 4 - Introduction to Quantum Software Development with Azure Quantum (2:45pm)
  • Sponsor Panel-1: How Quantum Technology is Transforming Industry Sectors (End Users) (3:00pm)
  • Workshop: Careers in Quantum Computing: how to get started with quantum computing (3:15pm)
  • Sponsor Panel-2: Ecosystem An Introduction to Quantum Week Sponsors who Provide Full Stack Quantum Solutions (4:00pm)
  • Workshop: QSEEC: Posters (4:30pm)
  • Reception: End User Networking Reception sponsored by Quantinuum and IBM (5:00pm to 6:30pm) This event is sold out; pre-registration is required for attendance.
Support Diversity and Inclusion at Quantum Week

All donations submitted to the IEEE Computer Society Diversity and Inclusion fund during Quantum Week 2022 will fund D&I activities for Quantum Week 2023. Make a donation today.

Over 40 exhibitors from top organizations - including Quantinuum, IBM Quantum, Quantum Machines, Qblox, Microsoft, and agnostiq - are excited to share cutting-edge technologies and developments at IEEE Quantum Week 2022! Discover the latest products, solutions, and services from all of the leading quantum computing and engineering innovators joining us from around the world.

Event Highlights
Quantum Week 2022 Full Program
Don’t forget to plan your schedule for the week! With a full line-up of 9 world-class keynotes, 26 workforce-building tutorials, 16 community-building workshops, 70 technical papers, 13 stimulating panels, 60 innovative posters, and over 40 exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall, you’ll be able to more efficiently navigate if you’re prepared for the exciting days ahead!
A Big Thank You to the QCE22 Sponsors!
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